UNILAND is set to be largest global stage and the cutting-edge Ghanaian creative Students stage & tourism festival designed to attract a global audience to promote unity and build networks around the world helping bridging working capacities etc. The festival will be a full day of immersive cultural experience that will bring together top Ghanaian artists and influencers to celebrate the convergence of various elements of popular Ghanaian culture (music, dance, food, art & crafts, fashion, Ghanaian groups & traditions) through an authentic yet cutting-edge production. Uniland will take place at four universities across the West Africa, Europe and a final stage at the end of the year at a selected country.

Uniland gives you the opportunity to spend time exploring university life, networking – meeting students and staff, making friends and having an action packed, fun experience that yields quality results. The platform is established to bring together the best African creatives and networks among tertiary education and market in the youth of Africa main stream through Afrobeats, Hip hop, RnB, Dancehall, Amapiano, electric music and other genre of music as a universal language and more to celebrate; and maintain a quality networking of students in universities and tertiary institutions across the world.


To inspire, entertain and connect the University student with the most compelling experience making them more productive and successful through spreading of ideas, networking, and discovery around the world


Our Vision is to create the most outstanding experience and networking in the world’s tertiary market

Who is Uniland For?

Uniland is for tertiary students and the young at heart worldwide.

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Vendor Application Form


This Vendor Policy for Uniland outlines the guidelines and
requirements that all vendors must adhere to participate in the event.

Uniland aims to create a seamless, efficient, and secure
payment experience for both attendees and vendors by implementing a
cashless payment system.

All vendors are expected to comply with this policy to ensure the success
of the event and provide a positive experience for all participants.


The event will use a cashless payment system for all transactions conducted
on the event premises.

Cashless payments are highly recommended but cash will also be
accepted at any vendor stall or point of sale during the Event.

Accepted Payment Methods: The accepted payment methods for the
cashless payment system includes credit cards, debit cards,
mobile payment apps, and any other approved electronic payment
methods as designated by the organizers.

Point of Sale (POS) Devices: All vendors will be provided with festival-approved POS devices to process cashless payments.
Vendors are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of these
devices throughout the event.


Training: Vendors must ensure that their staff members are adequately
trained in operating the provided POS devices and processing cashless

The organizers will conduct training sessions on the 10th of
December for vendors to familiarize themselves with the cashless
payment systems.

Pricing Transparency: Vendors are required to display clear and accurate
pricing for all products and services offered at their stalls.

The prices should be prominently displayed to avoid any confusion for
attendees during the payment process.

Refunds and Returns: Vendors must adhere to the Uniland
refund and return policy, which will be communicated to them before the

In the case of any disputes or issues with a cashless transaction, vendors
should follow the designated procedure outlined by the event’s

Reporting and Settlement: Prestige Vendors are responsible for reconciling
and settling their cashless payment transactions with the organizers as
per the agreed-upon schedule.

Failure to comply with the settlement process may result in penalties or
exclusion from future Festival participation.


Data Security: In collaboration with Uniland, Vendors must
implement appropriate security measures to safeguard customer
payment data during the event.

Any personal information collected during cashless transactions must be
handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
Fraud Prevention: Vendors should be vigilant in preventing fraudulent
activities related to cashless transactions.

If any suspicious activities are detected, vendors must immediately report
them to the organizers.

  • All concession vendors will log their inventory and prices
    into the system.
  • The system will track inventory sold and revenues
  • Any concession vendor found undertaking any
    transaction in cash, not authorized
    in writing by Uniland, of any amount within the concert will be subject to any or all
    of the following repercussions:
  • Summarily removal from the Concert;
  • Bans in future executions of Uniland and its
    allied companies; and/or
  • Forfeiture of 50% of all sales until that point made on the
    day of such an infraction.


Violation of Policy: Failure to comply with this Vendor Policy for the
Cashless Festival may result in penalties,
termination of the vendor agreement, or exclusion from participating in
future Festival events.

Policy Updates: The organizers reserve the right to update or modify this
policy as necessary.

Vendors will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.


By participating in the event, vendors agree to abide by this Vendor Policy
and any other rules and regulations set forth by the organizers

Please ensure you have reviewed our policy before proceeding with the vendor application. Your compliance with our guidelines is appreciated.

Uniland campus representative

uniland alumni

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